Process | Ink/drawn’s secret to delivering boundary-pushing projects, while nailing clients’ requirements. We break down our process into 5 simple stages we call “The 5 C’s”.


Following initial contact with a prospective client, together we will create a brief that outlines our client’s requirements and desires. Following this, we will produce a feasibility study and create a concept modelled on the client’s needs.


Once the initial feasibility scheme has been determined and agreed, our team of architectural designers will put their minds together and create some initial design schemes, providing total transparency with our client throughout this process in the form of design consultations. If pre-planning dialogue is required with the local authorities, particularly for large scale or complex schemes, then we will oversee this process and guide our client through it.


Once the scheme has been finalised in principle with our client, we will create a planning pack containing all final drawings and any 2D/3D visualisations to communicate the design, leaving no stone unturned. Once instructed by our client, the planning pack will be submitted to the local planning authorities along with any additional reports or other information that may be required.


Planning has been achieved, and the project is a step closer to becoming a reality. Our team network of architectural designers and technicians will work together to generate all technical drawings (building regulations) required to provide the basis of a building control submission. Once submitted and approved, we will focus on the finer specifications of the scheme and create electrical/furniture layouts or door and window schedules tailored entirely to our client’s requirements.
Once works have been commissioned, we will work closely with the projects contractor, sub-contractors, project manager, and building control officers to ensure the construction process runs smoothly.


On completion we support the client during the hand-over. The “5 C’s” process is a tried and tested method that always results in a happy client!

With over 9 years architectural experience, we're sure to be the right fit for you.